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The Megatropolis of New Alexandra

Divided into 5 major districts, New Alexandra is the key Spelljammer and Steamjammer port of our starting world of Mediterra.

PORT DISTRICT - The first district most visitors come in contact with is the port district. All cargo and passenger vessels stopping in New Alex, berth in the port district. This district is further divided between the docks, and the warehouses. These areas house much of New Alex's immigrant population.
THE DOCKS - In the docks area most laborers report to Colin MacReady, who is often solely responsible for finding immigrants work. He is also known for keeping his contractors' confidences. In spite of being questioned repeatedly by New Alex's finest, he continues to run the docks with brutal efficiency.
WAREHOUSES - Warehouse workers, instead, report to Vincent Delgato, a moderate newcomer to New Alex, he quickly took over labor efforts in the warehouse district, much to the chagrin of Mr. MacReady, who previously held a tenuous hold on labor efforts there. Mr. Delgato's efforts in the warehouse district parallel Mr. MacReady's in the docks in many respects. They differ, however, in that the docks are known for their smuggled goods, and the warehouse district for theft and protection rackets.

DOWNTOWN - Most entertainment takes place in the Downtown district. This area includes a small industrial park as well as the theater district and the red light district.
INDUSTRIAL PARK - A few old factories still operate in the downtown area, these mostly include meat packing facilities, but a few small jammer manufacturers operate in this district as well.
THEATER DISTRICT - Many burlesque and vaudeville type shows find their homes in New Alex's theater district. You will also find legitimate theater performed at some of the more up scale venues.
RED LIGHT DISTRICT - Primarily made up of brothels and competing tavern owners, this district is known for the violence that often occurs here.

UPTOWN - As implied by its name, uptown is home to the city's elite. Not only merchant elite or nobles, but also scholastic elite in the University District.
UNIVERSITY DISTRICT - Home of the University of New Alexandra, this area houses the school itself, the faculty as well as the entire student body. As a result this district is walled off from the rest of the city and policed by its own dedicated security staff.
UPTOWN RESIDENTIAL - The city's wealthiest members live in palacial splendor in this district.

MARKET GARDEN - This district includes many of the shopping opportunities in New Alex.
UPPER MARKET GARDEN - This district contains the shopping facilities of the upper class. Specializing in exotic and fine wares, this area also houses most of the up scale dining facilities of New Alex. Anyone who is anyone eats and shops here.
LOWER MARKET GARDEN - This district contains shopping and dining facilities for the lower and working class citizens of New Alex. Street vendors and stall owners are more common than shop owners and change locations and wares regularly

SHIPWRIGHT'S QUARTER - This district houses not only the Shipwrights, for which it is named, but most of the industrial facilities of New Alex. Every facility is a district in itself, often housing employees on site and being walled off facilities.